Calgary photographer and graphic designer, Neil Speers - Speers Creative.Getting online is easier than ever – at least that’s what all the ‘experts’ tell us. And in a lot of ways it is. However you may find many of the choices to be overwhelming and the steps to getting online effectively daunting.

I worked about 20 years in graphic and web design and spent a large amount of that time looking for the best Content Management System to use for clients. When wordpress came along, it was a revelation – it was easy to install and use, editing was like working in a text editor. What could be simpler? And yes, for the most part I use WordPress for most of the many sites I operate. However I’ve discovered there’s a few bumps on the road to getting a site set up and running effectively.

To be honest, I’ve mostly left the graphic design world, I pursue commercial photography as my main living. However I keep hearing from people about how much they get charged and how long (mostly – how unreasonably long) it takes them to get a site up and running when hiring other companies.

WordPress site setupNow please don’t get me wrong – if a design company is hired to build a really spectacular site, that can (and should) cost a reasonable amount and will take time to finish.

However the majority of small business people, craftspeople, independent professionals, artists, musicians and so on don’t need a huge profit eating site. They need to get online so they have a piece of the web under their own or company name.

One nice thing about WordPress is that you can start with a single page and build a full fledged site from there, piece at a time.

I’ve been asked by lots of friends and business acquaintances to help them get a site up and running. If the hosting is set up right, and there’s at least some content to work with, I can have a site up and running in a matter of days. And do it affordably.

Call me at 403-230-4042 or use the form below to find out more about how you can get online quickly and affordably: